Club Leadership

Bill George, Club President

Bill is an avid birder as was his predecessor Carol Wyatt. Both have seen over 700 species of birds in North America. Bill served as President of the Minnesota Ornithologists for 3 years and on its board for 6 years. In addition, Bill was on the board of Minnesota Audubon for 6 years. He has led field trips in Florida, Minnesota and Wisconsin. While in Minnesota Bill was also on the Steering Committee of the Breeding Bird Atlas. He became interested in birding when he observed a group of migrating Cape May Warblers in the backyard of his home in New Brighton, Minnesota. Birders may recall that Phoebe Snetsinger, a world famous birder that was the first to ever see over 8,000 species of birds worldwide, also got her start in New Brighton, Minnesota when she observed a Blackburnian Warbler in migration.

Dan Kossmann, Club Photographer and Graphic Designer

After retiring from a career as a CFO for a number of high tech start-ups Dan is pursuing his passion for nature photography and conservation. Dan travels the world with his camera capturing stunning images of wildlife and nature. Dan also uses his photography, graphic design and social media skills to supports a number of nature conservancies. You can see some of Dan’s photography on Instagram @dankossmann (wildlife) and @dan.kossmann (landscapes) or on Facebook at Dan Kossmann.