Trip Report: Boat Ramps of Nassau River 10-24-20

Our field trip was well attended on a very pleasant weather day. We observed almost 50 different species if I include the small shorebirds that were difficult to identify due to distance and lighting conditions.What proved to be instructive was close up views of all white birds that were different species. We noted a Snowy Egret wading next to a Great Egret and observed differences in size and bill color. One of our group called out a white bird that looked like a Snowy Egret but on close observation proved to be a juvenile Little Blue Heron with a two-toned bill and green legs. The Little Blue Heron then tried to join the Snowy Egret on a rail but the larger Snowy Egret would have nothing to do with it and chased off the Little Blue Heron.On other trips we have seen the white phase of the Reddish Egret and adult White Ibis.

Good Birding,
Bill George