Trip Report: Fort Clinch State Park 4-9-22

We enjoyed sunny skies but brisk temperatures and winds Saturday April 9th.Half of the birders were from our bird club joined by those who belong to Duval Audubon. We have been experiencing westerly winds after strong storms last week that have affected migration. Despite that we still observed 6 Warbler species including colorful Prothonotary, Northern Parula and Yellow-throated Warblers. If you belong to Meetup you will see photos taken by others on the trip. Some of the birders were able to see an early Pained Bunting at the bird exhibit when we first assembled. On the beach we had Royal and Sandwich Terns and a lone Black Skimmer. While Worm-eating Warblers were reported before the storm, we did not see this species or any Indigo Buntings. Migration can trickle through over the next 30 days so keep looking. Our next trip is Saturday April 30th at Crane Island and the Bailey Soccer fields. Expect a detailed notice next week.
Good Birding,
Bill George