Trip Report Big Talbot Boat Ramp & Spoonbill Pond 2-27-21

Thanks for the strong turnout, the positive feedback and some great photos from Susan, Samantha and Ana. While we had a strong showing of people, the sparrows of salt marsh did not disappoint with good representation of all 3 species. From the photos,, I attach a Seaside Sparrow that clearly shows the yellow above the eye, the white throat and overall dark appearance. Two photos of Nelson’s Sparrows are shown but one looks so much darker than the other. The darker form comes from the Northeast region where its natural habitat is probably darker than the other Nelson’s from inland Canada or Northern Minnesota. Note the Saltmarsh Sparrow has a white throat and the orange of the malar is brighter than the orange on the breast. This is not the case in Nelson’s. The bill is also larger then that of Nelson’s. What is remarkable is that three different species and various regions all hang out in winter in the same area by the boat ramp of Big Talbot Island. Of course, our bird group has representation from different regions and we all hang out to see these birds.
The action on Spoonbill Pond was average but viewing was difficult due to back lighting. Next time I will try an afternoon trip to the pond. Overall we tallied over 30 species and had good looks at Bald Eagles and a Spotted Sandpiper on the Pond. Our next outing will be at Crooked River State Park of Georgia on Saturday March 27th. I will send details about 10 days before our trip.
Good Birding,
Bill George