Trip Report: Fort George Island 1-9-21

Thanks to all of you (more than 20) who came out on a cold and dreary day to see winter birds. The first part of of our walk did not produce any bird activity but typical of winter birds they flock up in mixed specie flocks. Saturday was no exception as we encountered a flock with Black and White Warblers, Tufted Titmouse and Carolina Chickadees along with Ruby-crowned KInglets. In all we observed over 30 species with the most interesting species being the Bonaparte Gulls and Chipping Sparrows observed after most of you left. At the Plantation we saw many American Robins with a few Cedar Waxwings.
Please save the date of Saturday Feb. 6, 2021 for our field trip to Spoonbill Pond and Big Talbot boat ramp. I will send out details the last week of January.
Good Birding,
Bill George